Tire Storage in Waterloo, ON For Only $89.95 Per Season!

During changes of season, it’s common for drivers to want to store their unused tires away. Save space in your garage and eliminate heavy lifting with our storage facility! Reserve a spot at Dial A Tire Ontario today by calling us now.

Why Change Tires For Different Seasons?

If you want to get the best performance out of your vehicle and the longest lifespan for your tires, it’s important that you swap tires when seasons change. Let our professionals help throughout this process with proper demounting and installation for a second set to get the absolute most out of your vehicle. Keep in mind that winter tires bring in a huge crowd so be sure to schedule in your tire swap early to make sure you have the right tires on your vehicle before the first snowfall!

Why Store Your Tires?

Dial A Tire Ontario has the perfect solution to all your tire storage needs! We’re here for you when it comes time to store those tires that are no longer in use. Properly storing summer and winter tires will help them last, which means more money saved on buying new ones or having expensive repairs done later down the line. Tires can take up a lot of space inside one’s home during off-seasons so we offer an excellent service with our second benefit being getting rid of unwanted clutter while still giving peace of mind about not damaging purchased items like car wheels by improper handling.

Why Store With Dial A Tire?

Tires are at their peak performance when they are stored correctly. Exposure to moisture and other outside elements can cause them to deteriorate quickly over time; this is why we make sure your tires are properly taken care of while you aren’t using them.

The off-season tire storage facility is a safe and secure place for your tires. We make sure every tire at the location is:

  • Stored in clean, cool, dark space free of grease or debris 
  • Placed away from heat or direct sunlight to prevent deterioration

Areas Served :
Waterloo, ON | Cambridge, ON | Kitchener, ON | and surrounding areas