Choose from a Wide Selection of Tires for Tesla & Luxury Makes

At Dial A Tire Ontario, we specialize in tires for Tesla and luxury makes, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche. When you need replacements, call (519) 578-8473 or explore our tire catalog. We carry a commendable selection of tires for luxury vehicles, at a fair price. Our qualified technicians understand how important it is to find an optimal match not only for your make and model, but for how and where you drive. The inventory at Dial A Tire Ontario includes tires engineered for fuel economy, mileage, speed, stability, and changing weather conditions.

Our stock includes Tesla Model 3 tires, Tesla Model X tires, Tesla Model S tires, and Model Y tires.

Tire Service for Luxury Vehicles

Dial A Tire Ontario is available for tire maintenance and repair. From the initial installation to routine rotations and resets for your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), you’ll love the convenience of an all-in-one location for tire service. Our technicians have the right combination of experience and knowledge to service your luxury car tires in a timely manner. We perform the services and adjustments necessary to achieve the longest possible life out of your tires.

Think Dial A Tire Ontario when you need tires for your Tesla, Audi, BMW, or other luxury make in the Waterloo area. We serve Waterloo, ON, Cambridge, ON, Kitchener, ON, and surrounding areas.

Choose from Major Tire Brands

Whether you have a specific tire in mind or you are open to exploring your vehicle’s options, the team at Dial A Tire Ontario is ready to assist. We feature a comprehensive selection of tires from trusted and respected names. Our inventory includes the latest offerings from leading brands. Visit the tire catalog to search by make and model. If you have questions, please call (519) 578-8473.